New silo:6 Promo Package

The new silo6 portfolio package is ready to go and includes a DVD with our latest showreel and a 6 page full colour portfolio booklet designed by close friends and award winning Designers April 77 all packaged in a tin DVD case.

We’re also more than happy to customise your copy with examples of our work that best suit your requirements.

If you’d like a copy of the package please email us at and we’d be more than happy to drop one in the mail for you.

Triple J ONE NIGHT STAND Titles Design

[vimeography id=”1″]

Cog – Bird of Feather – Making Of…


Bird of Feather was primarily about being in a foriegn land, separated from loved ones for an extended period of time whilst they were making their album. We wanted to reflect that situation with the video clip, so we shot the guys individually on a green screen and composited them into a surreal landscape derived from the cover artwork, trapping them in a world far removed from our own.

The band had bought artwork from artist Grant Barnhart whilst overseas recording their album Sharing Space with producer Sylvia Massey. The album debuted at number 2 on the Australian Music Charts.

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Regular John are all over national radio right now with the release of their 2nd album ‘Strange Flowers’ so we thought why not showcase the music video we did for them a couple of years ago.
Language is the first single from their debut album ‘The Peaceful Atom is a Bomb’ and was released at a time when the band were earning a reputation for their mind blowing live shows. The guys were keen to capture this energy in their clip so we created a set completely covered in newspaper to reflect the themes of the song. We filmed right through the night and nearly ended up with lead poisoning from the newsprint but it was worth it. We added some stop motion sequences and animated doodlings for good measure and off it went.

Baby & Toddler Show TVC

Client: Single Market Events
Agency: Frontier
Sound: TB Audio

We took care of the concept, design and animation for the Baby and Toddler Show’s TV campaigns for the past 2 years and this is the latest spot.

Davenport TVC

Client: Davenport
Agency: Studio Woo
Photography: James Cant
Talent: Stephanie Rice & Eamon Sullivan
Sound: Spiderbait

Our brief was to create a TVC for Davenport showcasing their latest underwear range and featuring Olympic Swimmers Stephanie Rice & Eamon Sulivan.
Fashion Photographer James Cant shot the footage of Stephanie and Eamon for us on a Canon 1D Mk4 which shoots 4K resolution at 10 frames per second for the stop motion effect. We then created the cardboard cut out look and composited the footage on backgrounds reflecting the colours of the Davenport range.


Client: Davenport
Photography: Scott last
Talent: Rachael Finch, Miss Universe Australia,
Sound: TB Audio

Toni&Guy Hairdressers approached us directly to put together their first Australian TV campaign to help strengthen the brand locally. Our idea was for Rachael to arrive at a photo shoot, diary in hand and then see the pages of her diary flip forward revealing a series of events with a corresponding hairstyle for each event. We choose a stop motion technique to show the transformation of one hairstyle to the other and shot it all on green screen to replace the background of each event with an appropriate setting.

Golden Slipper Interstitial

A series of Race Day Interstitials and jockey profiles.

COG ‘The Sound of Three – 12 Years With You’: Documentary and DVD Production

Client: Difrnt Music and Cog
Executive Producers: Lucius Borich and David Edwards
Sound: Cog (Flynn Gower, Lucius Borich, Luke Gower)

Having made 2 music videos in the past for popular Australian band Cog we were very excited to be asked to produce a retrospective DVD for the band that included a half hour documentary ’12 Years With You’, all their music videos and an amazing live show at Selina’s in Sydney mastered in 5.1 surround sound.

Silo:6 produced the documentary which also screened nationally on Foxtel’s Channel V and created all the DVD menu designs (as well as contributing our 2 music videos of course).

The DVD was launched with a live performance at Sydney’s Metro Theatre, topped the ARIA charts the first week of its release and went on to win an ARIA for ‘Best DVD’.

TB Audio Ident

Tim Brown is a very talented Sydney based sound producer who we’ve worked with over the years for a lot of our music tracks. He needed a short animated ident for some promotional work so we modelled and animated this little spot for him

NICK CAVE ‘And the Ass Saw the Angel’: Titles Design

Music is a big part of silo:6’s identity. Animation Director Trish Ward was a CD cover art designer for a load of high profile Australian artists in her previous role while Producer Wayne Reynolds spent time Producing a music segment for a Sunday morning TV Show that saw him interviewing artists like Ben Harper, Mike Patton, Henry Rollins, Michael Franti and loads of other local and international musicians and bands.

Nick Cave is definitely one of our most respected artists and the book he published back in 1989 we consider a masterpiece so when we put our heads together to come up with an idea for some in-house titles design and our young Motion Designer Tim Krakowiak mentioned he’d just read it we immediately came up with the idea of a sequence for a film version of the book. After our fictitious casting session we shot all the footage, experimented with melting wax for the main title and pulled the rest together from there.

Pacha: Potbelleez vs Vandalsim TVC

Client: Central Station Records
Agency: Frontier

We’ve done so many music promos it’s crazy and a lot of them were for the Pacha series. In this one the challenge was to totally change pace midway through the ad when we mention the bonus mix so we came up with the concept of a game where you would kind of go up a level.

Plus who doesn’t like pacman and speakers on a growing vine? Guess the client got 2 TVCs in one for this spot.