COG ‘Are You Interested’

“You had better wake up and understand that there are people who are guiding your life and you don’t even know it.”

So says Political Philosopher Jordan Maxwell at the end of the clip. Maxwell and others like David Icke, along with the events of September 11 and subsequent ‘War on Terror’ were the major influences on the themes of this track. The idea that we are all under 24 hour digital surveillance and having our every movement, transaction, interaction tracked and logged is not as far fetched as Orwell wrote in 1984.
For the clip we decided to ‘track’ Cog as they went about their lives and show what could well be happening to any of us.
The only problem was COG’s fans were unaware of the clip we were making and at times thought the band really were under surveillance leading to some interesting confrontations with our unfortunate DOP.

COG ‘Bird of Feather’

Cog recorded their 2nd album ‘Sharing Space’ in Texas, USA and while there wrote ‘Bird of Feather’. The song is about being separated from loved ones for a long period of time and the sacrifice they were making to pursue their dream.
We wanted to get that emotion across is the music clip so we shot the guys individually on a green screen and composited them into a surreal landscape derived from the ‘Sharing Space’ cover art created by illustrator Grant Barnhart, trapping them in a world far removed from our own.
We used a combination of 2D, 3D and live action footage to achieve the final result which went on to be a finalist in the AEAF Digital Media Festival.

Some more info on the making of can be found here

THAT 1 GUY ‘Mash’

That 1 Guy is a solo artist based in Los Angeles who plays a Magic Pipe of his own creation. It’s an incredible instrument that creates all manner of sounds that somehow all work together to form a song.
For this music clip he sent us a brief from L.A consisting of something along the lines of, “Here are some stills of me I took in my lounge room. I play this thing called a Magic Pipe. Can you make me a music video? I really don’t mind what you”
Us, “….Okaaay.”
So we kind of went nuts – just the way he does when he performs. We did 3D, 2D, stop motion with the stills he sent, put it all together, sent it to him, waited, added and few more bits and pieces to it, sent it to him and waited some more. Then one day he showed up at our studio in Sydney, took us to lunch and told us how much he loved the clip but had been on tour for months and not got around to letting us know. So off it went to TV in the USA and locally and all over the internet.
What a lovely guy!

LAURA IMBRUGLIA ‘Looking For a Rabbit’ – The making of a music video…

Laura once said in an interview about the lyrics for ‘Looking For a Rabbit’, “Sometimes when I’m writing a song I’m just mumbling nonsense to go with the melody intending to go back and write the actual lyrics later. When I finished this song the music sounded crazy anyway so I thought I’d leave the nonsense lyrics as they were”.

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LAURA IMBRUGLIA ‘Looking For A Rabbit’

The music video for Laura Imbruglia’s ‘Looking For A Rabbit’ was our first foray into using 3D software so when we won the Best Music Video Award at the New York Festivals for it we were just a little chuffed.
Laura wrote the song with a stream of consciousness approach resulting in the lyrics having a fantastic, surrealistic quality combined with an overtone of melancholy.
To reflect this contrast of styles we filmed Laura singing and then rotoscoped the footage with a messy ink-drawn look. We then composited the rotoscoped footage into a smoothly sculpted 3D environment to create the contrast of harsh, abrasive with smooth and shiny.
The clip received quite a lot of TV exposure and was rated No:3 on JTV’s Hottest Music Videos of 2007.

To find out more about the making of this clip visit our blog:


LAURA IMBRUGLIA ‘Tear Ducts’ – The making of a music video…

Final cover artwork and elements for Laura’s Self Titled debut release.

The illustration for Laura’s album cover art was done by Ray Ahn from seminal Sydney three piece punk band, The Hard Ons and pays homeage to some of her favorite influences. We based the look of the Tear Ducts music video on the illustration and featured the monkey (that bears a striking resemblance to Karen Carpenter) and also of Laura herself throughout the video.

All the artwork used in this clip except for Laura and her Monkey were hand-painted then scanned and used to texture elements and environments within the scenes. Some pieces didn’t make it into the final clip (like our flying carp above) while others became complete background plates like the night sky below.


‘Tear Ducts’ was our first music video for Laura Imbruglia.
Laura requested that we incorporate her album cover art into our animation so we combined it with a series of hand painted elements that we did in-house.
Laura possesses quite a wicked sense of humour and allowed us to have a lot of fun with this clip……enter the band of crustaceans featuring a crab on drums, a lobster on guitar and hermit crab playing slide plus a stoned clam. And when all that goes down the plug hole along comes an evil monkey dressed as a Grim Reaper about to wreak havoc with a giant needle and thread. Wooaah!

Check out the original illustrations and other little bits and pieces from the making of the clip:

AGAUGEFOR ‘Blackball’ – The making of a music video…

This music video began it’s life as a pencil and piece of paper. All the artwork was completely hand drawn, scanned, tidied up a bit then digitally graded and shaded.
Sometimes we like to weave a bit of a narrative into our music videos and other times we like to keep it more about the imagery. It all depends on the song itself and what the artist might be looking for in a clip as well. This song is all about the balance (or unbalance) of power in society. Our visual interpretation used nature vs machine as a narrative device loosely (but not literally) related to the song lyrics.
Our creative process began exactly as the clip does – on a shot of a tree with roots forming the shape of a heart. Under the gaze of an intelligent machine’s lens the tree loses it’s leaves and dries out, representing the ill effects of the industrial world on the natural environment.
With that initial image we moved forward chronologically shot by shot, hand-drawing, shooting the band and roto-scoping the shot footage as we went.



Agaugefor were a great Sydney based alternative rock band who built up quite a solid following and put out some fantastic releases before calling it a day a few years ago.
This clip was our first ever foray into music videos and is a combination of hand drawn imagery and rotoscoped live footage of the band. We shot all the footage ourselves and the rotoscoping was done completely by hand using the first of many wacom tablets that would grace our desks in the years to come. The story line of the clip was loosely based around the song’s lyrics but intentionally left open to interpretation.
We entered the clip in a lot of competitions and festivals where it was very well received screening alongside videos by the Mess Hall, Eskimo Joe and Thirsty Merc as well as appearing on national TV.

Here’s a link to our blog for more of a look at some of the original illustrations and behind the scenes imagery:

Sneaky Sound System ‘2’ TVC

Client: Sneaky Sound System / Whack recordings
Agency: Frontier

The 2nd TVC we did for Australia Dance sensations Sneaky Sound System. The album spawned the #1 UK club hit ‘It’s Not My Problem’ and further cemented their reputation as one of the premier Australian club acts of our generation.

Sneaky Sound System ‘Self Titled’ TVC

Client: Sneaky Sound System / Whack recordings
Agency: Frontier

Our TVC for Sneaky Sound System’s ARIA award winning self titled debut album.

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