LAURA IMBRUGLIA ‘Looking For A Rabbit’

The music video for Laura Imbruglia’s ‘Looking For A Rabbit’ was our first foray into using 3D software so when we won the Best Music Video Award at the New York Festivals for it we were just a little chuffed.
Laura wrote the song with a stream of consciousness approach resulting in the lyrics having a fantastic, surrealistic quality combined with an overtone of melancholy.
To reflect this contrast of styles we filmed Laura singing and then rotoscoped the footage with a messy ink-drawn look. We then composited the rotoscoped footage into a smoothly sculpted 3D environment to create the contrast of harsh, abrasive with smooth and shiny.
The clip received quite a lot of TV exposure and was rated No:3 on JTV’s Hottest Music Videos of 2007.

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