LAURA IMBRUGLIA ‘Looking For a Rabbit’ – The making of a music video…

Laura once said in an interview about the lyrics for ‘Looking For a Rabbit’, “Sometimes when I’m writing a song I’m just mumbling nonsense to go with the melody intending to go back and write the actual lyrics later. When I finished this song the music sounded crazy anyway so I thought I’d leave the nonsense lyrics as they were”.

The song is a mix of contrasting musical styles ranging from screeching punk rock to gentle harmonies and we decided to visually mirror this musical style as well as the lyrics of the song.
Laura told us she was heavily influenced by historical artists and writers such as Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo and Lewis Carroll. With this in mind we roto-scoped footage we’d shot of Laura singing and composited this in a surreal 3D landscape inspired by those artists. We ‘projected’ the roto-scoped footage onto 3D generated artistic media such as canvas and painted paper to give the feeling of those traditional art forms.
We then modeled a smooth, shiny 3D world and juxtaposed the canvas and paper ‘portraits’ into the scenes to reflect the contrast of musical styles within the song.

A number of references to Laura’s lyrics were used throughout the clip to enhance the dream-like experience. For example, for the line “a guy whose eye was cabbaged” (a reference to a Liam Gallagher interview where he describes Thom Yorke as having a cabbaged eye) we created an illustration of Thom Yorke and then based his appearance on the Rene’ Magritte painting ‘The Son Of Man’ which features a man with an apple obscuring his face.  We just replaced the apple with a cabbage and that’s now Thom standing in the field with his cabbaged eye.