NICK CAVE ‘And the Ass Saw the Angel’: Titles Design

Music is a big part of silo:6’s identity. Animation Director Trish Ward was a CD cover art designer for a load of high profile Australian artists in her previous role while Producer Wayne Reynolds spent time Producing a music segment for a Sunday morning TV Show that saw him interviewing artists like Ben Harper, Mike Patton, Henry Rollins, Michael Franti and loads of other local and international musicians and bands.

Nick Cave is definitely one of our most respected artists and the book he published back in 1989 we consider a masterpiece so when we put our heads together to come up with an idea for some in-house titles design and our young Motion Designer Tim Krakowiak mentioned he’d just read it we immediately came up with the idea of a sequence for a film version of the book. After our fictitious casting session we shot all the footage, experimented with melting wax for the main title and pulled the rest together from there.