THAT 1 GUY ‘Mash’

That 1 Guy is a solo artist based in Los Angeles who plays a Magic Pipe of his own creation. It’s an incredible instrument that creates all manner of sounds that somehow all work together to form a song.
For this music clip he sent us a brief from L.A consisting of something along the lines of, “Here are some stills of me I took in my lounge room. I play this thing called a Magic Pipe. Can you make me a music video? I really don’t mind what you”
Us, “….Okaaay.”
So we kind of went nuts – just the way he does when he performs. We did 3D, 2D, stop motion with the stills he sent, put it all together, sent it to him, waited, added and few more bits and pieces to it, sent it to him and waited some more. Then one day he showed up at our studio in Sydney, took us to lunch and told us how much he loved the clip but had been on tour for months and not got around to letting us know. So off it went to TV in the USA and locally and all over the internet.
What a lovely guy!