SRG 'Traders' Music Video

An amazing thing happened to us early this year.
A band called SRG approached us in January for a music video.
Prior to this event, we had decided that due to the extreme amount of work, and often heartbreaking nature of producing animated music videos, that we were no longer going to give ourselves over to these kind of projects. But these guys changed or minds.
They were making music because they loved it, and they reminded us of why we loved making music videos.
We put everything we had into creating a piece that we were proud of for the guys.
The clip was a creative culmination of the band and the key individuals at silo6 – Wayne Reynolds, Patricia Ward and Tim Krakowiak. The band had mentioned liking the seventies cartoon “The magic ball” – A series about a little boy called Sam who lived in a seaside town. Sam had a magic ball which he carried around with him everywhere. Sam’s Aunt owned a curiosity shop full of interesting, odd and truly bizarre items that Sam would stop and look at during his visits. Sam would often go looking through the shop and find interesting items to ponder about. Whilst holding an object, the Magic Ball would activate and take Sam on weird and wonderful adventures. The Ball would always bring him back home safely though always having righted a wrong or sorted out a problem or two.

The song Traders had a similar feel, so we wondered what would happen if we revisited Sam as a grown up who had forgotten about his ball, but found it in an old curiosity shop.

Tim modelled and rigged the main character, an awesome green monster fish and multitude of other things throughout the project as well as animating his butt off, Wayne flexed his direction and animation skills and Trish bought her art direction and love of all things motion to the fold, and we went on a magical ride, that helped us all to unleash our inner Sam.
We submerged ourselves in the song and Sams world and came out the other side changed. We hope you enjoy the ride.

Direction Silo6
Animation: Wayne Reynolds Tim Krakowiak and Patricia Ward
Editing: Wayne Reynolds
Art Direction: Patricia Ward
Technical Direction: Tim Krakowiak