AGAUGEFOR ‘Blackball’ – The making of a music video…

This music video began it’s life as a pencil and piece of paper. All the artwork was completely hand drawn, scanned, tidied up a bit then digitally graded and shaded.
Sometimes we like to weave a bit of a narrative into our music videos and other times we like to keep it more about the imagery. It all depends on the song itself and what the artist might be looking for in a clip as well. This song is all about the balance (or unbalance) of power in society. Our visual interpretation used nature vs machine as a narrative device loosely (but not literally) related to the song lyrics.
Our creative process began exactly as the clip does – on a shot of a tree with roots forming the shape of a heart. Under the gaze of an intelligent machine’s lens the tree loses it’s leaves and dries out, representing the ill effects of the industrial world on the natural environment.
With that initial image we moved forward chronologically shot by shot, hand-drawing, shooting the band and roto-scoping the shot footage as we went.